Services: Eating Disorders

I have been treating eating disorders for 26 years, beginning with facilitating women’s groups to explore the role of food and fat in women’s lives. Inspired by the work of Susie Orbach in Fat is a Feminist Issue, my colleagues and I endeavored to uncover and change the power of the cultural mandate for thinness as a standard for a woman’s self-worth and value. Sitting on pillows in my home office, we strived to re-educate all of us who felt we couldn’t take space in the world, be powerful and self-directed, unless we had a thin body size.

Over the years as more women struggling with anorexia and bulimia entered my office, I was faced with an increase of alarming and serious life-threatening situations. Together my clients and I explored their experiences with attention to the unresolved emotional issues wrapped up in the disordered eating. I discovered it was imperative to learn how to be with people suffering emotional pain in a way that allowed healing to occur.

This was the beginning of my exploration of the role and importance of attachment in relationships, my focus on the exploration of emotions as a path to healing, and experiencing the power of building both in real and authentic therapeutic relationships.

This is the bedrock of my faith in the possibility of recovery and change.

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